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Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ The Dr. Anderson Chiropractic Team

"I have arthritis in my neck and lower back, with stiffness and a lot of nerve pain. Since coming to Dr. Anderson for adjustments at least once a week, not only does it help my back and neck but I sleep much better, it has helped my digestive system, and not I do not have to get up in the middle of the night to go to that bathroom. Dr. Anderson is very professional, kind and smart. Ginny at the front desk, is very friendly, comforting and nice. For all these reasons I love to refer, and have referred patients to Dr. Anderson." – Gerry

"I had real problems with my lower back. Sometimes it got so bad I could hardly get out of bed. Also there were problems with spastic colon (which I did not think chiropractic could take care of), as well as bleeding and hemorrhoids. When I went to see Dr. Anderson, within two weeks I noticed not having hardly any pain, as well as experiencing no irregularity with my bathroom regime. Now I feel wide awake and sleep so much better without the pain. I feel like I have returned to a more healthy time of my younger years." – Richard

"About one year ago, my hands started tingling. Slowly, over time my hands started keeping me awake at night. It got so bad I could not hold onto things without dropping them…At bed time, I would sleep in the front room in my recliner so my hands wouldn’t throb and keep me awake…Now, after just five weeks of treatment from Dr. Anderson, I had my first pain free sleep in my bed…I am so grateful to Dr. Anderson for helping me. No pain lifestyle is the way to go. Thanks so much." – Bill

"I came to Anderson Chiropractic for my lower back and chronic migraines. I have been coming weekly for the past year. As time went on, the pain went away. In the past couple months, I have had only two migraines that lasted half the time of my original ones…Today I can spend more time on my feet, and I am able to sit comfortably and enjoy life at the young age of 21, thanks…I love coming here weekly, everyone is greeted with a smile and a professional welcome…At times when I have not been able to come in as scheduled, was never a problem to change. Unlike other offices, I have never felt pressured to come often then needed, or pay what I could afford…Today I live life with no pain and am happy to be able to move around without fear of causing or increasing pain." – Nicole

"I have been coming to Dr. Anderson for some months, and have been experiencing a lot of relief from what had been chronic neck and back pain. I have been feeling better everyday…Last week, I caught a virus. During the illness my neck began to hurt again. Dr. Anderson treated me three times and the pain is gone…I am eternally grateful for Chiropractic and Dr. Anderson." – Terrie

"In 1996, my job involved loading and unloading large sheets of metal on an overhead conveyer that went into a furnace, firing spray-on Enamel and Porcelain coating. I ultimately filed for Workers Comp for upper back injury, causing headache, spasms shooting pain down my arms, and the inability to hold anything above my head. Basically, I had constant pain from my shoulder, across my back, and down my arms. In Physical Therapy, they used electricity to relax the spasm in the muscle area. An orthopedic surgeon scheduled me for Carpel Tunnel surgery for both my hands. During this time, I went to Kaiser for Ultrasound. They put me traction, sent me home with a Tens Unit and a prescription for 800-1600 milligrams of Motrin to take as needed for pain. I was compelled to seek Chiropractic Therapy as an alternative. I have been treated over the last 12 years by three different chiropractors. The first chiropractor had a massage table, you know, the roller that goes down! He used familiar methods of twisting and crunching. He also saw me through 2 car accidents during my Worker’s Compensation treatment. They pushed for a release date so one point I settles for a “4” on a 1-10 scale to now be my “normal”. He helped me so much. I sometimes left crying from the pain but within one half house I was back to my normal condition. He transferred his practice to a new (younger) chiropractor along with me. By this time, I was out of pocket about $40-$64 a visit. This chiropractor also worked the nerves/tendon/muscles going down my arms where the greater part of my pain was. It was very painful as he would press his thumbs into the tissue very hard. Once again through the pain and tears I would improve dramatically within the hour. Money deterred continuous treatment. In 2006, Kaiser added chiropractic visits with maximum of 20 per year at $15 per visit. I leaped at the opportunity and started with another chiropractor who did crunching and twisting and popping – isn’t that what they do??! No crying anymore. I would go when I was in more pain than “normal” from weeding, painting, mowing, typing, other arm and shoulder activities. My visits were about one or two per month. Sometimes, I dreaded of the visit, but I knew the “end justified the means”! My boss at work told me about her chiropractor a few times in casual conversation. I liked my $15 fee (co-pay) and continued where I was for two more years before talking to her doctor. I was interested because his “process” was unfamiliar (to me). In March 2009, I saw Dr. Anderson and began his treatment. Wow! Not only did it not hurt, but no crunches!! And I went to step away from the table and felt lightheaded, kind of like a weight was lifted- and no pain. What a difference this has been in my life. Visits started at three times per week. A quick 15 minutes and I was on my way – feeling great! He has seen me what I was a 4 and when I was topping 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. Never once has he caused me pain (as part of treatment, like I was used to). I have always left immediately feeling better. The best part is I have actually shown up when I had no pain at all. Who would’ve thought that day would come? What can I say…He has given me back my life!" – Mary

"I had been in pain for many years, increasing over the years with falls and a car accident. I had been to several chiropractors over time and each one approached my injuries with a different method, some very painful. Most methods saw some results…eventually, but all were very short lived. Eventually, I worked for chiropractor and received free care. Although I got relief it too was short lived. I still knew chiropractic was a good thing, but my experience had not been successful. When I heard about Dr. Anderson I was a little skeptical. I couldn’t understand how a nearly hands free manipulation could accomplish anything I had been so severely limited in my mobility I could no longer hold a job or clean my house. So I stepped out on faith and gave it one more try, (enter Dr. Anderson). I have been seeing Dr. 3 times a week for only about 4 months. I can vacuum my house, get into my car and walk my granddaughters to the park now. Dr. Anderson’s approach to chiropractic is nothing short of amazing. Sometimes, I will over do it because I feel so good. I will arrive at Dr. Anderson’s limping or nearly crawling only to leave walking and practically pain free. I know I have a ways to go, but knowing that whatever physical missteps I may take, Dr. David will get me back on track. He has given me hope. Hope that my granddaughters will have a granny that can take then for a walk. Dr. David gave that back to me…to them. Thank you isn’t enough but it is all I have. Thank you from me and my family, you are a true blessing." – Sherrie

Dr. David Anderson Chiropractic

2880 Cleveland Ave #4
Santa Rosa CA 95403

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